Hear from some of my fabulous clients


Before strength training with Emma I used to run in excess of 50 miles a week training for my races and found that my times had plateaued and also didn't factor in rest days.
Since working with Emma and adding strength training into my regime I've been able to reduce my weekly mileage to 30 miles and seen improvements in my race times

 I’ve been training with Emma since July 2022 and very happy with my progress and results. i can already notice how my body looks better and also feels healthier and stronger. Emma always listens to any of my concerns or requests and tailors our workouts accordingly. but also her dedication and passion for her clients and gym is what motivates me to be more active and push myself. I've had multiple PT's and i have a pretty good fitness level but Emma’s full body workouts always kill me but in a good way. and workouts are never boring, she always makes them fun but also effective. thank you Emma for all your hard work and motivation.

I would highly recommend Emma's sessions ........ was advised by a physio to start a strength training programme to reduce injury. Emma has built a programme around my running plan. Really pleased with the difference already

I have been going to Emma once a week for about 9 months now. I have definitely noticed an increase in my running endurance, leg strength and have remained (pretty much) injury free.
I have thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process too.
Coming from someone who was nervous to use the weights in the gym, I was very impressed with a squat PB this week!! Would highly recommend to all runners to compliment your run programmes.

Since training online with Emma I have seen a positive change in my body shape and stamina. I have noticed that running niggles are significantly reduced and feel stronger ????.
Regular meetings with Emma ensure that the programme is right for me and is working. Working online fits in with my schedule .
I feel like my fitness and running have improved overall.


I met Emma as a trainer at the gym I go to and enjoyed her classes.
I had to stop going to the gym due to an injury, then moving home and going on holiday!
I hadn’t been for several months and I was trying to get myself back into a routine of going back to the gym but I'd lost a bit of confidence not to mention my motivation!
Emma was advertising a 6 week programme and I thought this is just what I need to get myself back on track.
We had a chat about it and I signed myself up.
Emma’s given me lots of advice and encouragement and I’m getting myself back into the habit of training and eating healthily.
My first week was a struggle and I was very sore and stiff!
I’m now completing my 5th week of the programme and cannot stress how much Emma has helped me get back to it.
I’ve now signed up to another 6 week programme with her fab offer.

I honestly cannot recommend this enough! I've been going to Emma since November and in such a short period I am already seeking improvements! Not to mention the confidence it's given me to try new things
If you're unsure whether to start strength training then take this as your sign to 100% go for it!
What have you got to lose!?!

I’ve been working on 1-1 PT sessions with Emma for the last few weeks and her knowledge and experience has helped me no end with re-building my strength on my running journey.